„Refueling in Moers“
Cycling & new e-bike charging station in the urban area.

The promotion of cycling tourism in Moers is now the focus of the presented project from the city marketing of Moers and its active promotion partners Hotel Moers van der Valk and Wellings Hotel zur Linde.
On the one hand, the aim of the project was to experience bike routes and to enjoy the touristical highlights in Moers - on the other hand, we wanted to build up a comprehensive network of e-bike charging stations, to specially serve the booming market of electrically powered bicycles.

Normal bike rental at the hotel: € 9,00 per day
E-Bike rental at the hotel: € 25,00 per day

(Don't miss the fun and please reserve your bike 24 hours in advance.)

Meanwhile the popularity of interested person in bikes increase, we would like to offer you an arrangement, and destinations you are able to reach by bike.