Halde Rheinpreußen Moers

It is the largest miner's lamp in the world, which thousands of motorists see every day on the Rhine bridge of the A42 coming from Duisburg. Rising high above Moers, the so-called Geleucht is one of the most impressive and beautiful landmarks in the Ruhr region. It is not only beautiful to look at during the day, but also at dusk. It stands on a slagheap of the Rheinpreußen colliery, which is one of the highest in the area.

The colliery was the first mine on the left bank of the Rhine in the Ruhr region and initially produced coal near Duisburg from 1876. The slagheap was filled in from 1963 on the site of a dredging lake until 1990 to its present form. It has a base area of approx. 52 hectares and a height of 103.5 meters above sea level. It thus towers over the surrounding area by about 77 meters and is the seventh-highest slag heap in the Ruhr region. Thanks to a cleared slope on the north and east side, the visitor has a good view over the landscape to Duisburg, Bottrop and Kamp-Lintfort. Particularly eye-catching are the Rhine running at the foot, the highway and railroad bridge, the Thyssen steelworks with the Alsumer Berg, and the Haniel slagheap in Bottrop and Pattberg slagheap in Repelen.

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