Enjoy an exquisite dinner from our eclectic menu. Let yourself be enchanted by the cozy atmosphere in our restaurant.


Lunch and Lounge 10:30 AM - 05:00 PM

Soups and salads


Tomato cream soup
€ 7,50
Roma tomatoes with or without meatballs | croutons

Vegetable soup € 7,50
Vegetable stock | farm vegetables
with or without meatballs | vermicelli


Caesar salad € 12,50
Classic salad | chicken | bacon | croutons | caesar dressing

Caprese € 13,50
Mixed lettuce | tomato | mozzarella | basil

Goat cheese € 13,50
Lukewarm goat's cheese | honey | mixed salad
walnuts | balsamic dressing

Egg dishes


Bread meal “Strammer Max”
€ 9,50
Brown or white bread | with a choice of
cheese, ham, roast beef, bacon, fried egg

Omelette € 9,50
Brown or white bread | Eggs | with a combination of your choice
of cheese, ham, potatoes, vegetables

Sandwiches and Burger


Club sandwich “Moers” € 13,50
Chicken fi llet I fried egg I bacon I tomato I cucumber I lettuce
french fries| homemade whiskey-cocktail sauce


Classic burger € 15,50
Ground beef 150 grams | lettuce | tomato | onion rings
fried egg I pickle I ketchup | mayonnaise

Pulled pork burger from the chef  € 16,50
Chefs special | caramelised onions | bacon | BBQ sauce
french fries I lettuce | cheddar

Noodle and rice dishes


Vegetable curry pan € 18,50
Vegetables | rice | homemade mango chutney I papa dum

Veggie tagliatelle € 19,50
Spinach | cream cheese | cherry tomatoes

Spaghetti bolognese € 16,50
Minced beef | vegetables | garlic

Spaghetti carbonata € 20,50
Ham | cream sauce | parmesan cheese

Tarte Flambee


Tarte Flambee “Alsatian way” € 10,50
Crème fraiche I bacon I young leeks

Tarte Flambee “Caprese” € 11,50
Tomato | mozzarella | basil

Tarte Flambee “Spanish way” € 12,50
Crème fraîche I serrano ham I pickled peppers

a la carte



Beef Tataki € 12,50
Courgette and carrot strips, spring onion, soya-honey sauce and sesame

Classic carpaccio € 13,50
Beef Carpaccio, truffle mayonnaise, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese and crostini

Smoked duck breast € 13,50
Duck breast, beetroot, pecan nuts and brioche

Crayfish tartare € 13,50
Mango tartare, tempura shrimp and cocktail sauce

Tuna tartare € 13,50
Avocado crème fraîche, apple, lemon foam and sesame

Fish platter Van der Valk € 13,50
Smoked trout, smoked salmon, smoked mackerel and homemade whiskey cocktail sauce

Soups and salads


Cream of tomato soup € 5,50
Roma tomatoes, meatballs and croutons

Vegetable soup € 5,50
Beef broth, farmers’ vegetables and vermicelli

Potato soup with spring onions € 6,50
Seasonal potatoes and spring onions

French onion soup € 6,50
Seasonal onions, au gratin with a cheese crouton


Caesar salad € 11,50
Classic salad, chicken and bacon

Caprese salad € 12,50
Mixed salad, tomato, mozzarella and basil

Goats’ cheese € 13,50
Gently warmed goats’ cheese, honey, mixed salad, salted walnuts and balsamic syrup

Noodle and rice dishes


Vegetable curry in a pan € 18,50
Vegetables and rice

Veggie spaghetti € 19,50
Spaghetti, spinach, cream cheese and cherry tomatoes

Salmon and gambas € 22,50
Broccoli, spaghetti and cream sauce

Spaghetti bolognese € 16,50
Minced beef | vegetables | garlic

Spaghetti carbonata € 20,50
Ham | cream sauce | parmesan cheese

Main courses fisch and meat


Perch fillet € 18,50
Perch, walnut and almond crust and vegetable risotto

Salmon steak € 20,50
Grilled salmon fillet and mustard sauce

Fish platter € 24,50
Salmon fillet, giant prawns and cod

Grilled tuna fillet € 26,50
Carrot, courgette, cherry tomatoes and thyme

Dover sole € 34,50
White butter sauce and lemon


Classic burger € 17,50
Minced beef 200 gram, salad, tomato, onion rings, fried egg, tomato ketchup and mayonnaise

Corn chicken fillet “Caprese” € 18,50
Tomato, mozzarella, basil, au gratin

Pork schnitzel € 18,50
Mushrooms and cream sauce

Pork schnitzel “Mont Blanc” € 19,50
Onion, mushrooms, tomato, au gratin

Baked calf’s liver € 18,50
Caramelized chicory and baked onion rings

Pork medallions € 19,50
Stroganoff sauce

Grilled rib roast € 22,50
Rosemary-honey-thyme sauce

Mixed grill € 23,50
Pork fillet, beef steak, chicken, lamb chop and pepper sauce

Tournedos € 26,50
Grilled steak and red wine sauce

Chateaubriand, double beef fillet min. 2 persons, p. p. € 24,50
Béarnaise sauce and pepper sauce



Dessert “Tukan” € 7,50
Vanilla ice cream, fruits and strawberry sauce

Dame Blanche “Lava Style” € 7,50
Vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Cheese cake with bilberries stewed fruit € 7,50

Cream puffs filled with vanilla and chocolate ice € 8,50
Warm, sweet cherries

Warm chocolate souffle € 8,50
One ball of vanilla ice cream and roasted nuts

Three varieties of Crème brûlée € 8,75
Coffee, cocoa and pistachio

“Grand dessert” € 10,50
Let our cooks surprise you!