GOP Varieté-Theater Essen

For over nineteen years now, the GOP has been providing good entertainment in the middle of Essen's city center, allowing guests to forget their everyday stress for a few hours.

More than one million guests have experienced extraordinary hours during this time, have laughed, marveled, been spoiled by the creative own GOP cuisine and were thrilled !n July 2006 - the 10th year of the GOP Varieté Theater in Essen - the theater was completely renovated. Worthy of the Capital of Culture 2010, the theater was completely rebuilt, redesigned and equipped with state-of-the-art stage technology.

In the splendor of the completely redesigned Varieté Theater, innovative new live shows are staged every two months as usual, and events - from Variety visits to weddings to exclusive corporate events - are celebrated in glittering style time and again. The special ambience of this house attracts tens of thousands of guests.

Since summer 2015, the GOP Varieté-Theater Essen has a new design.

With the relaunch, the GOP is moving with the times architecturally. Foyer, bar area, restaurant and corridor to the theater hall got a fresh coat of paint, new furniture and were equipped with fancy lighting elements.

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